Just some views on life, some things I’ve done, some things I haven’t – yet :o)

experience life
grow your hair long
take a trip around the world
visit somewhere sacred
be inspired by great human achievements
be inspired by great natural achievements
be tolerant
help people
help yourself
make your mark on the world
see poverty
help the poverty stricken
run a business
close a business
walk on the beach at night
talk to homeless people
be homeless
learn to paint
learn to play an instrument
learn a language
learn to laugh
learn to hate
learn to love
marry the love of your life
share your life with others
share your life with your children
encourage other children to grow
be honest with yourself
be honest with others
accept your age
acknowledge what you do know
accept what you don’t know
let others learn from their mistakes
then help them not to repeat them
see the stars
smell the air
taste food from around the world
live in another country & experience their life
come back and be thankful for what we have
stand on the edge of a mountain, close your eyes and breathe
walk through a forest, stop and just listen
sit in the centre of a city and just listen
get fit
be lazy
celebrate victories
celebrate losses
celebrate your birthday
take time for you
value life
value time
do what your family and friends say you can’t do
but most of all, what ever you do, do it with vigor, do it with passion, but just go and do it.

Troy R 2006

*and I like Rhinos – you can help protect them as well by supporting the
IAPF – International Anti-Poaching Foundation